Doing the Right Thing? What a Concept

Amid all the bizarre antics attached to the recent passage of the healthcare bill, one that was most intriguing was the numerous members of Congress who pounded their fists on their chests as they proclaimed that voting for the bill was “the right thing to do.” Which raises the question, as opposed to what? The wrong thing to do?

Come to think of it, the “wrong thing” is what too often passes for, and is excused as, politics in that circle of hell known as Washington, DC. It seems to have been long forgotten that one is elected to Congress to represent the will of the people, to understand the needs and desires of constituents, and vote in a way that reflects this duty. Instead, we’re now stuck with professional politicians whose first and foremost consideration when they get out of bed each day is making certain they are re-elected (unless, of course, the first consideration is covering up who they’re in bed with). Continue reading